Lisbon by Bike – The West

3 h City-Tour, panorama tour, a bit hilly, 25 km,

Lisbon can be hilly but it is not as hilly as you might think. Once you know where to bike, you have a good bike to ride and you are with a Lisbon insider to guide you than a bicycle tour can be one of the best ways to discover our beautiful Lisboa!

We will challenge you with only a nice uphill to warm up and bring you to an amazing view of the city and the river. After that we’ll show you the neighbourhoods of Amoreiras, Estrela and Madragoa with beautiful sites and tiles to be seen.

The tour also includes Alcântara and the alternative LX-Factory, on the way back along the river on a flat cycling lane you will feel the breeze and understand the beauty of the city as the sun shines in the water.

You will meet traditional portuguese life far away from the tourist crowds, ride through some of the most lovely parks of our city and find out some of the best places in Lisbon that no one told you about.

Lisbon by Bike – The East

3h City-Tour, flat and very easy, 20 km, mostly flat

Lisbons tourism is highly focused on the historic city center. But Lisbon is so much more then stones and bones. Lisbons real life we find outside the touristic scenery. Between the city center, the Expo-Area and the lively neighbourhoods around Roma Arreiro past meets presents.

The way to leave the city center brings us through historic and traditional workers quartiers along the river. Shortly after we find Parque das Nacoes The formal Expo Area is the modern face of Lisbon, with Lisbons little skyline, the architectural interesting train station Oriente and a big recreation zone.

After crossing some parks we jump back into traditional Lisbon in Arreiro and the University and reach the city center with an amazing view from the interior.

Lisbon by Bike – The River Shore

2,5 h City-Tour along the river, the flatest tour in Lisbon, 20 km,

Lisbon is hilly, but not everywhere. Along the river a long cycling line leads us with beautiful river views to the famous monuments of Belem. We under cross the bridge 25 de April and finally reach Jeronimos Monastery and the tower of Belem two must goes of a visit in Lisbon. The way back leads us through the traditional neighborhood of Alcantara and Santos and modern street life at the LX Factory and Cais do Sodre.

Lisbon by bike can’t be easier! And by bike we avoid the crowed transportation and enjoy the best views to the opening delta of River Tejo,

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