Founder and owner

MTB & City guide

  • 10 years of bike guiding experience
  • 15.000 km bike experience in Portugal
  • 30.000 km bike travel experience in Europe, South America and Africa
  • Bachelor in Tourism Managment
  • based in Portugal since 2012
  • Fluent in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish

Since I’m 18 I was travelling and moving several times per year. I lived in several European countries and in Argentina. I travelled wide parts of Europe, South America and Morocco in extended journeys by bike or as backpacker. Restless. But some when the time came I felt tired of this constant changes, smashing up my entire life and felt ready to settle down.

The decision where to go was easy to take. Since years I had a strong connection to Portugal and in spring 2013 I finally moved to Lisbon. The strong connection became a true love for this place. Calm and rough in the same time, just like the bordering Atlantic.

Even if I found a place to calm down my restless life, it’s not over yet. Winter 2016/17 I spent the off-season mountainbiking and bikepacking in South America, 2017/18 in Morocco. The next escape is already in planning …


Responsible for our station in Lagos


  • Certified Massagetherapist
  •  passionate surfer & biker
  • founder & owner at
  • based in Portugal since 2013
  • Fluent in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish

Sports have always played a major role for me and took huge influence on my path of life. Practicing gymnastics I was used to competition and travelling to sports events from my youngest till my late teenage years. Its there where I first got in touch with the healing art of bodywork and the fascination of the human anatomy. Later on during my academic studies to achieve my M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, History of Arts and Philosophy, I travelled many countries of Europe, Asia, North Africa, New Zealand and Central America.

Coming to the Algarve for the first time in 2003 I discovered my love to the ocean, surfing and this stunningly beautiful spot on our planet. Ever since I kept returning and finally decided to come back for good in 2014. I finally found myself ready to settle, to leave my academic career behind and dedicate my life to my real passion: The Art of Bodywork. In the same year I achieved official Education and Certification as a Massagetherapist and ‘Surf & Flow’ was founded. Ever since I enjoy the great collaboration with a growing number of Hotels, Surf Schools and Yoga Retreats on the South(West) Algarve as much as my regular private home visits. My cooperation with Simon and Mountainbike Traveller was a logical consequence out of our many years friendship and commune business values.


City Guide and a real Lisbon insider


  • Lisbon city guide since 2008
  • formal hotel manager
  • based in Lisbon since 1999
  • Fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian
I am a sociologist with a passion for music and cycling.
I was born in Switzerland and grew up in the highest portuguese mountains: Serra da Estrela.
Since early years, cycling was always one of my favourite things to do – in urban scenarios or through natural landscapes.
I love to be in the middle of the nature but I am also passionate about Lisbon. I love to share Lisbon’ stories and history, through the streets where you can find the architecture, cultural traditions and heritage that defines this city. I have spent over a decade introducing travelers to Portugal’s storied capital: I’ve worked as Hostel Manager for many years and I am providing Tours since 2008 (walking, cycling and with vans).
In addition my expertise on the city’s built-landscape and social geography, I have many years of experience cycling in the city and knowledgeable about the best cycling routes and hidden gems.
I am also funder of a few projects related with mobility like: É muita Fruta (a stop-me-and-get-one bike trailler that provides healthy drinks), Pensão da Bina (bike storage and cycling comunity) and Armazém 54 (a sustainable co-work).
Working with Simon is more than working with a friend: it’s to share the same perspective about the cycling experiences that can make you enjoy a fantastic journey .