Biking is passion

MTB-Traveller is not a tour operator, a bike shop, an information platform or an equipment manufacturer. Mountainbike Traveller is living a passion.

Bikes are what we love!

Mountainbikes, Touring bikes, laying bikes, folding bikes or road bikes; we love them all. We love to optimize and repair them, to create and individualize them. We love to find new trails and routes and, of course, we love to ride them! Bikes are what we love.

To travel means to discover

Sightseeing and good life are an important part of every journey. To travel is much more than that. Discover hidden treasures, make your own experiences discover your destination on your own path to form your proper own view.

Make it personal

Everybody got different needs and wishes. Therefor we create everything as personal as possible. If you got a bike out of our manufacture you are as involved as much as you want. If you book a tour with us we can individualize them a 100% to make it your dream tour!

Keep it simple

Better is the enemy of good. Sometimes the simple things are the best. Therefor we don´t need the most dangerous trail, the latest high-end bike or the fanciest restaurant. We need a good ride, a good bike and good food. Keep it simple.

Respect your destination

To respect the world we living in should be self-evident. We enter in sensitive eco- and social systems. We want to help to enjoy and protect them in the same time. Ecological, local and self-made is our credo.