Cascais Bike Escape

3 h Mountainbike-Tour, 35 km, with the train to Cascais

Monsanto Bike Escape

3 h Beginners Mountainbike-Tour, hilly, 25 km

force: 

Bike-Skills: 

Lisbons home trails are located in the middle of the city: Monsanto Park. Easy to reach along the

river or through the city center beautiful views to the city center and great conditions to ride. A huge

forests and a bench of dirt roads and trails. A real bike escape from the rush in the middle of the

city. So close but so far away.

Bike & Beach

4 h-Beginners-Mountainbike-Tour, 30 km, have a ride and stay on the beach

force: 

Bike-Skills: 

You want to combine a bike ride with a stay on the beach? This is your tour!

Only a few km west of Lisbon the continent ends and meets the rough Atlantic. This is where

Cascais and Lisbons beaches are located. This simple tour starts right outside of Lisbon, but easy to

access and leads us all along the beautiful coastline at the end of Rio Tejo.

A very easy, but beautiful ride that brings you away from the city rush and calms you down with the

salty Atlantic waves