In portuguese and more detailed:

Cycling Lanes

In the same way as Portugals tourism, also the cycling lanes are very concentrated along the coast and to the metropolis of Lisbon and Porto. Wide parts of Lisbon are good connected by cycling lanes, just the city centre is difficult to access by bike. In Porto cycling lanes are rare in compare to that, but great to enter and leave the city. 15 km north of Porto starts a cycling lane which leads you to the city centre. It’s not non stop connected but in wide parts it brings you along the coast down south for more than 40 km.

Frequently updated cycling lanes in Lisbon you find at:

Long distance cycling routes

While the cold water of the Atlantic limits Portugals access for beach tourism, Meanwhile the wide forests, deep river valleys and numerous national parks form it a perfect bike destination with a highly interesting cultural background. Thanks to that, in the shadow of the dominating surf tourism, cycling became a serious sector of Portuguese active and outdoor tourism. Specially the region of of Porto and the north are pioneers of Portugals Bike tourism.

Even if the beginning was made in the south with E1, a cycling path which connects Sagres, with whole Europe until Athens, Moscow or the Norwegian North Cape.

But the most famous cycling lane is already located in the north: O Caminho de Santiago, the portuguese version of the famous pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Best known from Porto, but the scallop shell, the traditional indication of the way, is already to find in the south of the country.

Good information about the long distance routes you can find at: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Bike Stores and Equipment

Bike Equipment Bike shops – as everywhere in western Europe – exist in almost every place. Standard material and Equipment is easy to replace. Specific equipment as touring tires, brand specific part or quality panniers is a task: more difficult to find and quite costly. Unfortunately not lited that many stores yet, but anyway the best overview to seach for bike stores is

Cicloficinas are local volunteering networks to help out bikers in misery ( For all smaller or bigger works on your bike this can be a cheap and sympatic way to go forward. Many of this places are runned donation based by volunteers. Even if they don’t charge you, that doesn’t mean that they are free of economic needs: Don’t forget to tip them!

We offer a limited amount of specific parts for bike travellers. If you are in Lisbon feel free to ask us, maybe we can help out too!


Along the coast should not be any problem to find an accommodation within 10-20 km. The interior can be different. Villages are more rarely and often do not provide any touristical infrastructure.

Accomodation prices starts with about 25,- for doubles and about 12 – 15,- for dorms. Especially more expensive Accomodation vary a lot in price depend on season and location.

Bikotel ( is a network for bike friendly middle and high class hotels in Portugal. The participating hotels provide at minimum a safe bike storage, cleaning and repairing facilities and specific local bike information. Meanwhile almost 70 hotels and pensions join this net, what makes them available nationwide.