Besides your body and your bike, bike bags might be the most essential item for a successful bike trip. They protect or damage your stuff, help or challenge you in organizing yourself during the day.

A point where I search for some independence and individuality through handmade solutions. Handmade rolling bag panniers has been the first bike bags I produced. this year, hopefully, a few other models and items will be added.


The bags on the rear rack are the basic accompany for every touring biker. Rolling bags are the standard form of construction: easy to handle and highly water-resistant. Therefore my first bag is a very classic pannier. This is still the basic version, improvements and additional gadgets will follow soon. Thanks to the asymmetric design even bigfoots as I am got enough space behind the feet and doesn’t hit the panniers with the heels. Due to that the panniers got a left and a right side.

The bags are made out of extremely robust PVC tarpaulin. Hot sealed seams ensure high water protection and long durability. All spots where water could theoretical leak in are covered by rubber seals.
The rear wall and the mounts are made out of highly stroke resistant polypropylene. The positioning of the mounts can easily be adjusted in 6 different positions along a slide. Thanks to mounts out of PP and rubber the mounts are more flexible than normal shark tooth systems. The inner side dispose of a stopper so that the tube of the rack is fully encircled by the mount. Another adjustable hook on the lower part ensure a high stability on the rack. Through that the bag is much better hooked onto the rack than with a classic shark tooth system.

My bags are 100% handmade. In compare to usual industrial panniers they are completely made out of materials from the warehouse. That makes them easy and cheap to repair.

The first prototypes already crossed Portugal and Europe successfully. So, they already stand the fist tests. So far, even on dirt roads and short trails the bags stayed solid on the rack.
Volume: 20L each bag
Material: Bag: 700 PVC tarpaulin, rear wall and mounts: PP