South America

Three and a half years passed since I left Lisbon for more than 12 days. As much as I loved Lisbon, lowly it became my personal mind prison. Time to saddle by bike once again and discover the world. Leave Lisbon now for a while, or soon for ever!

Mountainbiking meanwhile became a core element in my life. So I could finally realize several planes and dreams. Together with my brother I crossed the Andes from Chile to Argenina , I trailed a 4500 downhill trail and the world class bike resort Sorata in Bolivia. I visited old friends and cycled hundreds of miles along the Brazilian and Uruguayan Coast.

Something deep inside connects me with South America since the first time I had the chance to visit this place. Fabulous landscapes and a culture so similar to ours but so surprisingly. Even if I sweared myself to visit another destination next time, I’m already looking forward to another stay!

For the first part with my brother I needed a real mountainbike, why I decided for my favourite bike from Lisbon. My Guerera, A Mondraker Factor Fullsuspension bike. To maintain her agil character I travelled with a seat post bag a handlebar bag and a backpack. For the trails a perfect solution. For the following miles on roads quite inconvenient.

Altiplano, Peru

Altiplano, Bolivia

Brazil & Uruguay

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Passo Sico, Chile – Argentina

Passo Sico

Paraguay & Missiones, Argentina