West Europe 2012

Germany – Swiss – France – Spain – Portugal

The Ride

2012 I left home for the second time. This time in the opposite direction: From Germany, along the Rhine through Switzerland I raced France and crossed the great Pyrenees after only 18 days. In Pamplona and later along the basque coast I slowed down along Camino de Santiago to Bilbao.

Encharmed by the north of Portugal I stopped for the first time on this trip and took some loops in Geres, Barbosa, Lusa and Rio Douro, before following the coast all the way to Gibralta

and andAlong Camino de Santiago from Pamplona to Bilbao I  to enter Portugal at the most north-eastern point. After several loops in Portugal I left on the most south-east place to cycle down to Gibraltar.

The scenery specially in the Pyrenees and northern Spain were a blast, but for my second tour I would have prefered a more adventures route. But this tour was not at least a search for a place to stay for longer, what afer all resulted quite good.

The Bike: The Iron Lady

My Iron Lady was in very poor conditions when I started to plan this tour. But after a seasonal job in a bike station and the experience of my first tour, I had the experience and knowledge to bring back her former shine. This time equipped to carry heavy loads. Front and rear rack plus a Ortlieb handlebar bag enabled my to carry everything I wanted. So between others a photo exposition and a little cinema project took place stuff.
By the time, after 5 years and 15 countries my Iron Lady started to feel old and week, but a last adventure followed, just a boat trip away…