West Europe

2012 I left home for the second time. This time in the opposite direction: From Germany, along the Rhine through Switzerland and France, across the Pyrenees over to Spain. Along Camino de Santiago from Pamplona to Bilbao to enter Portugal at the most north-eastern point. After several loops in Portugal I left on the most south-east place to cycle down to Gibraltar.

The scenery specially in the Pyrenees and northern Spain were a blast, but for my second tour I would have prefered a more adventures route. But this tour was not at least a search for a place to stay for longer, what afer all resulted quite good.

My Iron Lady was in very poor conditions when I started to plan this tour. But after a seasonal job in a bike station and the experience of my first tour, I had the experience and knowledge to bring back her former shine. This time equipped to carry heavy loads. Front and rear rack plus a Ortlieb handlebar bag enabled my to carry everything I wanted. So between others a photo exposition and a little cinema project took place stuff.


Germany & France

Basque Country, Spain

Castilla & Leon

North Portugal

South Portugal

South Portugal